If you are "carrying" the module Problem Solving into Year 2 you need to repeat the module at some time.  Because this is a 100% CA module and also because it uses specialised S/W and H/W you cannot be simply given CA to work on.

You have two choices that I have been made aware of.

(1) You can Repeat and Attend the module classes next semester, spring 2018.  This means you will have an extra module to attend.  This may conflict with existing Year 2 Semester 2 modules, but little can be done about this.  This is a consequence of you failing to pass this module on two previous sittings.  However, there are 5/6 separate groups taking this module next semester so it could be possible to allocate you to a 1st year group whose timetable will allow you to attend. 

(2) You may wait and try again to repeat the module next Autumn 2018.  This means 16 months would have passed since this module was delivered and some of the content may have changed.  Furthermore, if you fail this repeat you CAN NOT proceed to Year 3.  You cannot "carry" a Year 1 module into Year 3.  You would have to wait until Semester 2 2019 to Repeat and Attend the module. 

If you need clarification about your options speak to the staff at the Computing Office.

Thomas Devine
September 2017
Last modified: Tuesday, 5 September 2017, 12:42 PM