As per the Institute QA Handbook I no longer have the discretion to deal with acts of plagiarism and cheating.

All suspected acts of plagiarism will now be formally reported to and dealt with by the Head of School, Dr. Gertie Taggart.  The Head of School will then convene a School Plagiarism Committee or refer it to the Assessment Regulations Committee.  Records will be kept to facilitate the detection of repeated offences.

This could have serious implications in terms of your student record so please bear this in mind when submitting work.

The aim of this notice is educate the student on the seriousness of this offence and prevent it happening in the future.  You must inform yourself fully with the appropriate sections of the Institute Quality Handbook that deal with these matters.

Thomas Devine
4 March 2015

Last modified: Wednesday, 4 March 2015, 04:31 PM